About Us

Morrissey Dance is at the forefront of the dance industry, passionately committed to promoting the art of dance through its innovative approach, unparalleled commitment, and timeless inspiration. Founded by Scott Lopez, a recognized figure in the dance world, Morrissey Dance aims to enrich people’s lives through vibrant choreographies and mesmerizing performances.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to cultivate the love for dance by delivering exceptional performances and inspiring individuals to embrace the transformative power of movement. At Morrissey Dance, we believe that dance has the potential to transcend boundaries, ignite imaginations, and foster personal growth. With a vision to redefine excellence in the world of dance, we strive to captivate, educate, and enrich diverse audiences across the globe.


Morrissey Dance traces its roots back to 2005, when renowned choreographer Scott Lopez broke onto the dance scene with his mesmerizing performances. Over the years, Lopez honed his craft and became a prominent instructor and choreographer, inspiring legions of dancers along the way. Recognizing the need for a platform to showcase his talent and connect with dance enthusiasts worldwide, Lopez established Morrissey Dance in 2010.

Founder: Scott Lopez

Scott Lopez is an extraordinary force in contemporary dance. With over two decades of professional experience, he has pushed boundaries and shattered stereotypes with his unmatched creative flair. Lopez has not only performed on renowned stages worldwide, but he has also worked closely with esteemed dance companies, providing artistic direction and nurturing emerging talents.

Through Morrissey Dance, Lopez aims to democratize access to exceptional dance performances and resources. By crafting invigorating routines and passionately sharing knowledge, he aspires to shape a world wherein dance plays an integral role in fostering cultural understanding, wellness, and personal expression.

Website Creation

The creation of the Morrissey Dance website stemmed from our commitment to making dance accessible to a broader audience. Recognizing the growing importance of the digital realm in connecting artists and enthusiasts, we decided to embrace technology to spread the joy and beauty of dance across boundaries.


Our website’s objective is twofold: to create a virtual platform where dance enthusiasts can connect, opt for high-quality instructional content, and stay updated on upcoming performances, and to showcase the beauty and versatility of dance to a multitude of people around the world.

Target Audience

This platform is designed for dance aficionados, aspiring dancers, professionals seeking choreographic inspiration, and anyone captivated by the enchanting world of dance. By transcending geographical barriers, ethnic backgrounds, and age groups, we strive to foster a global community passionate about the art of dance.

Unique Value

What sets Morrissey Dance apart is the exceptional quality of our content and the creative minds behind it. With a team of experienced and highly skilled editors continuously curating instructional videos, blog posts, and captivating performances, we guarantee an unparalleled dance experience. Our commitment to excellence is manifested in every aspect of the website, firmly establishing Morrissey Dance as a trusted authority in the world of dance.

We invite you to explore the essence of dance, join our community, and be inspired by the extraordinary movements that captivate our hearts and souls. Discover the transformative power within, as Morrissey Dance takes you on a journey where movement becomes art.

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